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Online Workshops

We're all about constant support and touch points with you. Our retreats are fantastic experiences, yes. However, one of our goals as a company is to help dreams come to life everyday - not just at a retreat. These online workshops and resources are designed to help keep you focused on your goals and encourage a healthy and happy life all round. 

Our workshops include (but are in no way limited to);

  • creative nights such as making your own vision board and paint nights

  • mindful sessions to help you meditate 

  • 1:1 sessions with a health coach

  • fireside nutrition chats where you can learn about 'healthifying' your current diet

To hear about the latest workshops and experience some awesome accountability buddies, join our Facebook Group

Online Health Coach Sessions

Our Health Coaches are partners in your journey to a happier and healthier life. 

Your first session is focused on understanding you and where you're at with your goals. You may have no idea what you're aiming for, or you may have your next 5 years mapped out. We explore this together and determine your next steps in order to get where you need. We then act as an accountability buddy, keeping you on track with your goals but also making sure you're getting fulfilled in all aspects of your life. 


Recording: How to EnJOY the Holiday Season. 

This webinar was lead by our fantastic Dreams & Goals Coach, Kristi Stangeland. Kristi took attendees through guided meditation and a focus on what tasks really matter over the holidays. It's easy to get swept up in the stress of planning and preparation, watch this video if you could do with some help deciding what actually needs to be done.

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