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Physical Environment

Transform your home into a sanctuary of well-being with our curated collection of free resources. Dive into a wealth of content designed to elevate your living space, from stress-busting decor ideas to holistic home practices. Explore expert tips on cultivating a healthy indoor environment, creating mindful spaces, and fostering overall wellness. Discover the art of balanced living through practical guides, inspirational articles, and engaging videos—all at your fingertips. Unleash the potential of your home as a haven for health and happiness. Explore our free content and embark on a journey to enhance your well-being, one room at a time.

WHY it's great to have plants in your home


Ready to turn your home into a jungle of joy? Our latest video spills the dirt on why having plants is the coolest thing ever! From boosting your mood to giving your space major style points, Ingrid is about to make your home the ultimate plant paradise. Dive in and let's get green together.

Know your leafy greens

Know your leafy Greens!

Unlock the secrets to becoming a plant pro in our latest video! From watering wisdom to sunlight strategies, we've got your green buddies covered. Plus, Ingrid spills the beans on her go-to horticulture havens— and the plantfinder from Missouri Botanical Garden. Check them out and let's keep those plants thriving!

Which indoor houseplants to start with


Plant enthusiast in the making? Keen to avoid killing the first plants you get for your home? Or just looking to expand outside of your Cacti collection... this one's for you. Join Ingrid Van Oostrom as she shares the perfect indoor houseplants for beginners! From low-maintenance succulents to vibrant snake plants, discover easy-to-care-for options to bring greenery into your home. Ingrid guides you through the selection process, ensuring your journey into indoor gardening is both enjoyable and thriving. Let the green adventure begin.

Keep Your Personal Goals on Track with 1:1 Health Coaching Sessions

We've all created goals before...and let's be honest, it can be tricky sticking to them!


Our best advise is to find someone who will hold you accountable, and check in on your goals. By vocalizing your dreams with others, you're more likely to push forwards and achieve them.

Health Coaching is a great way to do this. At Marpole Retreats we use the Wheel of Life as our grounding and work at establishing clear and actionable goals from there each session. We will ensure you're setting goals which will help you be happy, grow with you, and adapt as you do (goals can change after all!).​

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Keep the Motivation Going!

To book a 1:1 Health Coaching session with Marpole Retreats Founder and Certified Health Coach, Marie Fryman, complete the form below.

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