Start Writing Your Next Chapter

Find your next act on an all-inclusive, luxurious, goal setting Marpole Retreat.

If your life has been an endless cycle of child-rearing, career climbing, or people-pleasing that has left you feeling blah and wondering if this is all there is, it’s time to reclaim your true self on a Marpole Retreat. When you get away from your daily routine on our secluded Canadian wellness retreats, you’ll have the space to decompress, relax and tune into the dreams and desires you’ve kept locked deep inside. Our all-inclusive health retreats are unique with their focus on three core pillars: relaxation, personal development, and purpose-driven activities. Throughout the retreat our talented team of instructors leads you on a personally curated experience designed to draw out what you really want, along with creating an individual action plan to start beginning your dream life immediately.


If you’re ready to write the next chapter in your life story, you’ve found your place. Welcome to Marpole Retreats.



Summertime Transformation Retreat at Loon Lake

August 26 - 28 | 3 days, 2 nights


Just an hour outside of Vancouver, but a world away from the city’s hustle and bustle, join Marpole’s Loon Lake weekend wellness retreat in beautiful BC. You’ll experience an exciting weekend of adventure and camaraderie with likeminded people centered on Marpole’s Three Pillars of Wellness. Act now to take advantage of early bird pricing! 

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The Lodge on Harrison Lake

Dec 2 - 4 | 3 days, 2 nights

December is the perfect month to look back and reflect on everything you've done, but it's also the perfect opportunity to take a moment to think about where you want to go next.  Get help creating your vision and the stepping stones to get there, all whilst surrounded by the unbeatable Canadian outdoors at Harrison Lake.

The Three Pillars of Holistic Health & Wellness

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Change starts when you know what you really want and have the tools to achieve that vision. Marpole’s trained professionals are experts at getting to the heart of your true desires and helping you develop a manageable plan to achieve them.


It’s only when you get away from your routine that you’re able to tune into your deepest dreams. On our BC health retreats you’ll experience outdoor adventures, culinary workshops, art classes and holistic health seminars where you’ll tap into different sides of you and finally be able to hear your inner voice steering you towards your next chapter.


In your busy life you rarely have the luxury to slow down, take a deep breath and simply relax. At Marpole Retreats you’ll have this crucial “me time” to indulge in massages, yoga classes, cleansing ceremonies or to simply read a book poolside. It’s in these quiet moments of reflection that great insights come to the surface.

Transformation Testimonials

Our 5-star Google Reviews Speak for Themselves


“I am so glad and fortunate to have attended the very first Marpole Retreat. Marie’s vision for what so many of us are craving was bang on. Connection, growth, relaxation and adventure! Cannot wait to attend another Marpole Retreat - highly recommend!”

- Laura MacLeod -


“Marpole was a one of a kind retreat. It combined a beautiful environment (lakeside location), culture (Indigenous food, storytelling, and wooden lodge), an easy going atmosphere, and incredible 5-star food. I have made new friends in the space of only a few days. There was lots of laughter and thought-provoking conversations. Would 100% recommend to a friend.”

- Ewa Ostapzuk -