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3 Flavours of Events

At Marpole, we blend fun-loving energy with meticulous planning to create events that are both delightful and unforgettable. Our approach is characterised by exceptional organisation and execution with military precision, ensuring every detail is perfectly managed whilst seamlessly blending in enjoyment. We host wellness focused retreats for individuals to join, organize your private events and offer organisations tailor-made events. Trust Marpole to deliver events that leave a lasting impression, where well-thought-out plans meet the joy of social events.


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Edinburgh Day Retreats

Pick the right combination of activities and sessions for you


Embark on a journey of self-discovery in Edinburgh with our day retreats, each focusing on a combination of Wheel of Life areas. Explore transformative and fun experiences, with multi-day packages also coming soon. Stay tuned for lasting wellness, balance, and rejuvenation!

Reviews & Testimonials

Our 5-star Google Reviews Speak for Themselves


“If you want a wellness retreat that’s organised thoroughly, with some personal touches thrown in, choose Marpole. I had an amazing time. The venue was beautiful, the food was brilliant, and the sessions well done. I came away with some new personal goals for myself, and felt relaxed and calm going back in to my hectic work schedule! I will definitely be doing another one in the future, I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

- Jon Simpson -


“I attended the retreat at Loon Lake, it was such a great experience! I felt included and important right from the start. The workshops were informative and I believe will really make a difference in my life. The food was incredible and it was so nice how they made it work for so many different kinds of food allergies. Marie was a great host with wonderful leadership skills! I was very impressed and I would highly recommend Marpole Retreats!”

- Debbie Ferguson - 

“I am so glad and fortunate to have attended the very first Marpole Retreat. Marie’s vision for what so many of us are craving was bang on. Connection, growth, relaxation and adventure! Cannot wait to attend another Marpole Retreat - highly recommend!”

- Laura MacLeod -


“Marpole was a one of a kind retreat. It combined a beautiful environment (lakeside location), culture (Indigenous food, storytelling, and wooden lodge), an easy going atmosphere, and incredible 5-star food. I have made new friends in the space of only a few days. There was lots of laughter and thought-provoking conversations. Would 100% recommend to a friend.”

- Ewa Ostapzuk - 


"What a wonderful experience! I attended my retreat in May 2022. The setting was beautiful, the food was amazing, and the activities well-planned and executed. There was just enough free time to be able to explore and relax, and the workshops were interactive and interesting. I would definitely recommend Marpole Retreats, and hope to be able to attend another one of their retreats soon!"

- Caroline Astley -


"I stayed at my first Marpole Retreat for a weekend of relaxation and well-being.

Such a great getaway to focus on yourself with yoga, goal setting and healthy eating sessions.


Great food and people with a similar mindset."

- Jade Cospon - 

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